CAM ENERGY is active in commodity trading in multi-dimensional activities mainly in crude, petrochemical and derivatives.  CAM ENERGY establishes business relationship with the first large Chinese national corporation integrating industry and foreign trade; in terms of contracting projects and import of petrochemical products.

Its business scope covers the five continents worldwide. Its business sectors involve: power generation, transmission and transformation, light industry, textiles, food, building materials, communication, railway, harbor, telecommunication, broadcasting and TV, ship-building, metallurgy and mining, oil derivatives and petrochemicals.

CAM ENERGY is developing business relationship with a metals and minerals corporation which is one of the largest suppliers of steel products.

It is authorized by the Central Government to carry out the 4 functions comprising the promotion of international trade, organization of processing trade, distribution of goods and services and the conduct of commodity fairs. It is specialized in import and distribution of oil derivatives and petrochemicals.

This economic partnership offers a suitable and ambitious cooperation that enhances a more effective development and productivity. In this new context including economic liberalization and worldwide decentralization, this partnership is heralded as a ground-breaking and innovative framework for development, adapted to the needs of international transactions. It has also concrete mechanisms for learning from experience, review and processes.

It provides innovative and good governance, alignment and harmonization, as well as policy coherence for development, coordination and complementarities, to modernize the overallapproach and bring added value.  This unique cooperation framework actually delivers on its multiple promises and a longstanding cooperation in a rapidly changing context worldwide.