CAM ENERGY SA is a Swiss global asset management private banking and commodity trading institution with a highly qualified team, a very personalized service, a well defined discipline and a transparent investment process. CAM ENERGY clients today include corporations and private individuals.

We provide a unique financial service. We offer professional, independent, but above all highly personalized investment strategy. We never forget that each client is an individual, with different financial goals and a different outlook on investment.

Because of this, we constantly strive to create innovative, realistic, tax-efficient solutions to match the customer’s own particular financial goal, in pace with his chosen time frame. Once an individual or an institution becomes a client of CAM ENERGY, we provide with the highest level of service, so the customer stays one step ahead of the game.

CAM ENERGY develops and creates key strategic proposals to enable our customer to reach his present and future requirements. We put together an optimally diversified, time managed asset allocation. This is designed to reflect both our customer’s desired investment returns and personal investment outlook. These could be bonds, stocks, capital guaranteed program, funds or alternative investment strategies or perhaps real estate investment or Islamic funds bought from Islamic banks in the Gulf countries, and over all through perhaps an offshore company.

The broad range of investment opportunities available can be designed to offer both, security and secrecy on one side, and on the  other side tax-efficient capital protection and enhanced income yields. They can be set-up to provide access to a wide range of global markets, specific currencies or particular sectors.

We have a vast wealth of experience in serving investors worldwide coming from a broad range of occupations and nationalities. Because of this diversity, we never forget to treat each client as unique.