The Account Opening:

CAM ENERGY assists the client in opening bank accounts, in a nominal form and or offshore companies and or trust and or foundation in the name of the customer, with no extra fees, however with secrecy, professionalism and personalized service, with one or many of our major worldwide partner’s banks. CAM ENERGY thus benefit from strong resources base, as mandatory of depositary banks. These strengths have enabled CAM ENERGY to maintain its commitment to excellencein each area of its banking operations.

Our aim is to open accounts in full security and secrecy for the customer with one of our depositary banks, and realize his financial short, medium or long term goals.

CAM ENERGY is at the service of corporates and individuals who wish to open numbered, nominal, offshore, trust, foundation, secret and secured accounts, in one or many major banks and in one or many financial centers and have their assets managed in highly professional level.

The products:

Our products range includes stock markets, bonds, funds, real estate  in Europe, USA, Japan and other industrialized and emerging countries. In the framework of the investment strategy, CAM ENERGY spreads the customer’s wealth into several of its depositary and mandatory banks, and each one bank account is diversified, according to the macro-economic trend, into banks funds, capital guaranteed funds, portfolio management, deposits, real estate funds, Islamic funds, etc.

The Depositary Banks:

The major depositary and mandatory banks with which CAM ENERGY institution is linked by partnership contract are the followings:  CREDIT SUISSE, HSBC, UBS, BARCLAYS BANK, BANK LEU, UBP, MORGAN STANLEY, PICTET BANK, BCG, BNP PARIBAS, CITIGROUP, LLOYDS BANK, etc, in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Gibraltar, London, Bahamas, Dubai and Singapore.

Those above mentioned banks authorize CAM ENERGY to approach potential customers worldwide, to be individuals or companies and fill up account opening forms. The customer opens an account in his name, to be numbered, nominal or offshore, with one of our mandatory and depositary partner banks. By law, the customer remains the only one habilitated to move monies out of his account.

The Offshore Companies:

CAM ENERGY is specialized in incorporating offshore companies, foundations and trusts and providing a spectrum of offshore global custody, administration and trustee services in the following countries: Bahamas, Panama, British Virgin Islands, Caiman Island, Guernsey, Jersey, London, Delaware in USA, Belize, Mauritius, Nevis, New Zealand, Panama, Seychelles, Vanuatu, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore, so as, for the customer, to open bank accounts through one or many offshore companies.

The Advisory Services

At CAM ENERGY, the managers understand the dynamic pace of doing business post millennium, and in particular, the constant demand for speed of information. They are able to rise to this through the use of regularly updated analysis like the CAM ENERGY Daily Market Bulletins and the Monthly Investment Reports which can be emailed to our clients, keeping them close to the markets and keeping them abreast of the performance of their portfolio. If the customer wishes, he can be actively involved in the management of his investments. This is something CAM ENERGY ascertains from the very start, in order to meet the customer’s expectations by ensuring he is always fully informed. It is often said that knowledge is the key to our unique client service philosophy. More importantly, we realize that to you, knowledge brings control over a rapidly changing global market place and power over your personal financial goals. Information moves markets. CAM ENERGY drives to keep a few steps ahead, aware, informed and in control.

The Banking Secrecy

Swiss banking secrecy, by law, protects information concerning bank clients’ accounts, from access by third parties, from any country in the world, whether private or official. The law says that banking secrecy is not lifted in cases of tax evasion from the country of the customer as it is not an offence in Switzerland.

The Personalized Service

CAM ENERGY prides itself on providing personalized service, excellent standard of professionalism and high level of management so as to meet customer requirements. CAM ENERGY develops innovative and value-added portfolio and has been committed to provide a complete range of professional and personalized banking services to individuals and corporations. The challenge is to provide highest level banking services tailored to customer’s particular individual needs seamlessly over a multitude of financial products and to reflect customer’s preferences. A highly personalized service is provided for women customers using discretion, secrecy and total security. The customer opens an account in his name or in the name of his offshore company, is the only one to order transfers out of the account. the returns are wholly maximized. All the recommendations benefit from being placed in well established, secure banks, giving total secrecy, complete privacy, excellent performance and ensuring real peace of mind.